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Hartley-5-pt-major-wwwa-1024x811Oxford Whippets began in 1979 with my first Whippet, CH Merci Isle Back in a Flash, bred by Dianne French and Iva Kimmelman. At Oxford Whippets, we strive to produce Whippets that are sound of body and mind. We pride ourselves on producing Whippets that are not only beautiful, but that can do what they were bred for.  As you go through our website,  you will see Whippets that are not only top producers, but have the ability to course as well. Whippets, originally bred as hunting dogs, are athletic and robust. They are intelligent,  easily trained, quiet in the home, and very affectionate. While perceived as a high energy dog breed, Whippets are actually very passive while indoors and prefer lounging about between exercise periods.  

News- Chloe and Brandt puppies due in March 2013. Go to upcoming litter page for more information Co-breeder of MSBIS, MBIS, Platinum GCH Starline’s Chanel #1 Whippet 2009, 2010, 2011 & #1 Hound 2010, 2011


GCH Starline’s Chanel

Chanel is bred by Lori and Carey Lawrence and Dianne Bowen. Chanel is owned by Lori, Carey and Nicole Lawrence. GCH Starline’s Chanel 71 All Breed Best In Shows, 296 Hound Group 1st’s, 13 Specialty Best In Shows, 8 Hound Best In Shows,#1 AKC Whippet 2009, 2010, 2011, #1 Hound 2010, 2011, Only Whippet bitch to win Westminster Group 1 (2010), Handler- Lori Wilson