Female Dogs

Oxford's Tuxedo Vanity Fair

“Vanity” GCH Oxfords Solitaire of Tuxedo


“Meg” SBIS GCH. Oxford Sunbeam Sleepless in Seattle


photo 2

” Bernadette” ┬áCH Tuxedos Speak Softly Love at Oxford

photo 5

“Misty” Tuxedos Love Story of Oxford

“Chloe” Ch. Oxford’s Love Story



"Kenzie" GCH Oxford Princeton I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

“Kenzie” GCH Oxford Princeton I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing


“Madison” Ch. Oxford’s Rowingdale Tell Me Why

ellie 001

“Ellie” Ch. Oxford Sunbeam It Happened One Night

Hartley 5 pt major wwwa (600 x 475)

“Hartley” BIS SBIS GCH. Starline’s Oxford Victim of Love


“Bella” Ch. Windborn Oxford Bella Swan at Red Cloud